Metres and metres of bright industrial drainage tubing carry sounds from one place in the building to another, the sound of visitors washing their hands in the bathroom coming out of one tube, the sound of a lone person walking around outside in another. The tubes disappear and reappear through the many holes in the floors, ceilings and other areas, not limited by rooms or straight walls, some paths traceable and some unclear. A wild expression of the fabric of the building, growing beyond its limits and intervening in organised life.

This large-scale site-specific installation was created from local and found materials by louie+jesse for the Ganze/Teile exhibition in a derelict office building in East Berlin, July-August 2010. See and


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  1. Great piece Jessica. Really good to meet you on the LV21. I did a project at Polytek in Exeter in 2009. Funny old world. All the best, Sadie

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