histoires concrètes

A dispersed series of sitespecific sculptures made from local clay, forming a chorographic trail, alongside a 23-minute sound work composed from local field recordings.

histoires concrètes is a project realised by louie+jesse in PeerGrouP’s P.A.I.R. (www.peergroup.nl) – a temporary residence for artists, it consists of two six-metre containers where we lived and worked for one month (Nov/Dec 2010). Situated in a remote rural location – between fields, wood and mudflats, near the village of Finsterwolde – during a harsh winter, we nevertheless were visited regularly by members of the local community and curious tourists who all shared their stories. The site of the Ambonezenbosje is an area with a rich history, which has housed german soldiers, poldermen reclaiming land, and migrants from Ambon island, among others. Our creative research combined this larger narrative with the local narratives of the present community.

The final piece formed an unconventional map of the local area, inviting physical experience of place and exploring both the limitations and potential of ‘history’ and communal narratives. Made from local clay soil, the sculptures embody the different processes evident in the landscape, and changed radically daily with the weather.


Audio piece (with poem by Aly Freije):

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