Publications and Origami


Following the mini-residency on LV21 lightship where I made Worm, Parcel and Serve last year, I contributed two pages (shown above) to a book published by Figure Ground in the form of a deck of cards showing artists’ responses to the whole collaborative experience. Copies of the book are on sale at bookartbookshop in London, or send me an email for a free PDF.

In February, my curious recipe for Liverpool Corpse Cakes was published in issue 17 of The Shrieking Violet, Natalie Bradbury’s award-winning Manchester zine. The recipe was created for the piece Try to eat everything last year in Liverpool.

The extended review of Ambonezenbosje (collaborative film project in the Netherlands, see below) by the artist Dinanda Luttikhede, was published by PeerGrouP in a newspaper “Location and Knowledge”. The text is here:

And finally, I participated in Manchester Artists’ Bonfire with Daeth is not ceratin. After reading my pledge, you might think I shouldn’t really be posting this news at all.

daeth is not ceratin

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