Back Stowell Street

An installation/invisible performance (via headphones) in Morden Tower, Newcastle, on the old city walls. The tower was originally home to the hiring and firing committee of the goldsmiths’ guild: new arrivals in the city would pass through here to be vetted for a job or sent away. One side of the tower looks out onto a neatly cut lawn popular with early-morning joggers; the other side onto the alley (Back Stowell Street) behind the main drag of Chinatown. The piece was made using materials found in the alley during a week-long residency as part of Borders: The Space Between festival in 2011 curated by Situation Rhubarb. To listen to the 10-minute performance, a visitor would sit on the crates and put on the headphones, and the performance, recorded binaurally from the same spot, would unfold invisibly around them.

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