Another time in the same place at the same time in another place

gold survival blankets, found materials (tiles, bricks, wood, readymades), binaural audio.
site-specific invisible performance for an audience of one at a time (through headphones)
Devised on site by louie+jesse for Schiume festival at Polveriera Francese, Forte Marghera, Venice, 2012.

The Polveriera Francese is an old gunpowder store inside Forte Marghera, built in the early 1800s by French forces who occupied the area. The work, developed during a short residency on site, explored the Polveriera Francese and its setting physically and as a space of conflict, responding to the theme of the festival and using materials found on site. The piece was experienced by one person at a time, seated alone in the space, surrounded only by visual traces of a past performance. Putting on headphones, the visitor experienced the performance ‘invisibly’.

The ambience and acoustic of the Polveriera Francese as well as our performance were captured with binaural microphones in exactly the place where the visitor would later sit. This resulted in a disconcerting simulacrum between the real and the recorded, the character of the recorded space sounding identical to the ‘real’ sound of the space, giving a feeling of not wearing headphones at all, and at the same time bringing the ghost of the performance uncannily into the room right beside and moving around the listener.

The performance used the architecture of the building itself and found materials including wood, bricks and plastic readymades to explore the theme of conflict. In improvised scenes such as the French forces building the fort and their experience under seige for months, through radical responses to conflict from the period, contemporary echoes of modern wars and the displacement of refugees, our performance utimately questioned the system that produces conflict.

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