Metres and metres of bright industrial drainage tubing carry sounds from one place in the building to another, the sound of visitors washing their hands in the bathroom coming out of one tube, the sound of a lone person walking around outside in another. The tubes disappear and reappear through the many holes in the floors, ceilings and other areas, not limited by rooms or straight walls, some paths traceable and some unclear. A wild expression of the fabric of the building, growing beyond its limits and intervening in organised life.

This large-scale site-specific installation was created from local and found materials by louie+jesse for the Ganze/Teile exhibition in a derelict office building in East Berlin, July-August 2010. See and


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Casaubon’s Cabinet (Work in Progress)

Casaubon's Cabinet (Work in Progress)

Site-specific piece created for Ganze/Teile (entireties/parts) exhibition in Schuckert-Hoefe, Berlin-Treptow ( The decaying building’s history includes use as offices, factory, studios, and all-night party venue. All materials and objects were found in the building. Exact contents changed throughout the exhibition as several visitors removed or added items.

light fittings, found objects (mixed media), 2010.

The light-fittings reflect each object to show multiple angles simultaneously.


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300-room residence, sea views, great security…

A performance-installation in the yard of Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin, next to Hasenheide Park. Part of the performance-art festival Home Sweet Home. The piece, made by louie+jesse, was inhabited by the performer Caylin Rose Janet for 5 hours on the evening of 9th July 2010. Entirely closed in, at ground level the performance could only be experienced aurally. The audience could view the full performance (and listen to the soundtrack) from the windows on the upper floors inside the building.

mattresses, wooden pallets, rope, string, plastic bucket. 2010.


“Dover Immigration Removal Centre is run by HM Prison Service. It occupies a historical site on top of the cliffs with views across the docks.” (UK Border Agency website). Where is home when your family’s lives are threatened by their neighbours? “We give them a cup of tea when they arrive” (The Guardian, report on Campsfield House). Where is home when you are taken from your friends, relatives and job and thrown in a prison by the country you have lived in for years? “They are like ghosts, moved without warning or explanation across the country in the dead of night, transported in unmarked vans. A silent cargo.” (Herald Scotland, Life Inside Dungavel). Why is home geographically located? “Compounds are designed so detainees can look only inwards and up at the sky, not out to the horizon.” (Sydney Morning Herald on Baxter detention centre). What is a nation and why should home be defined by it? “Outside there is a courtyard with concrete walls and floor, a few plastic chairs. The guards oversee it all through glass doors and large observation windows.” (Life inside an Australian refugee detention centre, Who creates or denies home? “At night the guards come every half hour, flashing their torches into sleepers’ faces. By day there is nowhere to go and little to do. There is no air, no trees, no grass. No interpreters are allowed. In Port Hedland, there are coffin cells, which are tiny compartments without any window, where there is no difference between night and day.” ( Who has the right to tell someone to ‘go home’?

Listen to the soundtrack here:

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over precious

Durational sculpture created as part of a project on the potentials and limits of the combination of domestic partnership and creative collaboration, as half of the duo louie+jesse, at GlogauAIR, Berlin.

flour, water, glass, corkboard, net wedding veil. 2010.

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the most important day of my life

A series of paintings, drawings and collage of brides, made and exhibited at GlogauAIR, Berlin, in 2010, as a bride-to-be’s wedding dress design scrapbook. Paintings: acrylic and conte pencil, A3. Drawings: conte pencil and wax crayon, A4. Collage: paper cuttings, fabric and other trims.

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two textile sculptures

These sculptures were made during a three-month residency at GlogauAIR, Berlin, as part of the project hand-tied arrangement, looking at the tensions and possibilities inherent in the combination of domestic partnership and creative collaboration.

Materials: lace, net, wool, sugar, metal ring.

Materials: leather, nylon.

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A loose ensemble piece of incomplete or partially achieved elements; traces of a performance for two solo actors. Created during a residency at GlogauAIR, Berlin, by louie+jesse. These images show aspects of part (i) of the piece; and a still from part (ii), which is a video (mobile phone, colour, 3 mins 35 secs).

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Paris sketches

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Common Ground

A site-specific installation and soundwalk in Chester’s Roman Gardens, envisaging the future of the present. With Louie O’Grady, as louie+jesse. Commissioned by Chester Performs for their Up the Wall festival, 2009.

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London collages

Each collage in this series was made from a single issue of a free London paper in 2009. Exhibited at Kunsthaus Bethanien in Berlin as part of a group show, Die Kunst der Krise, in July 2010. Dimensions: ~A3. Materials: newspaper, brown paper bag.

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C.R.A.S.H. Contingency

with the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination. Intervention / interactive performance at Toynbee Studios and around the City of London. Part of ArtsAdmin’s 3Degrees Festival about climate change, 2009.

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Mark-it and Sons

with Femadlib Kollektiv. Intervention outside the London Stock Exchange as part of ArtsAdmin’s 3Degrees Festival, July 2009.

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Collective sculpture made from cardboard boxes, newspaper,  tape, and billboard posters. 2008.

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Oyster Bay

In August 2009 I designed costumes for this large-scale community dance show at Swansea Grand Theatre by TAN Dance, working with diverse groups aged 4 to adult, including school children, semi-professional male youth dancers, adults with learning difficulties, saturday dance clubs for all ages, and an adult belly dance troupe. The show told the story of the history of oyster fishing in Swansea Bay, covering various historical periods and imagined scenes under the sea.

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The Moment in the Rose-Garden

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